WilliamHiggins, known as the pioneer of gay porn, began his career in the 1970s. Around 2000, he relocated to Prague and started producing films featuring athletic college-aged men. His website is an extensive platform filled with various options, regular updates, and captivating features that leave reviewers overwhelmed due to the abundance of content.

The site offers a diverse collection of Czech and European men ranging from average-looking to incredibly attractive. Their ages typically range from 18 to their early twenties, but recently they have also included some men in their thirties, including “daddy-types.” The models showcase a variety of body types; however, most possess well-defined physiques with six-pack abs. Some models are quite muscular with impressive biceps and broad shoulders, while others have a slim and athletic build. One notable characteristic shared by most of them is their uncircumcised penises – a delight for foreskin enthusiasts like myself. While the majority of models are smooth-skinned, clean-shaven individuals without tattoos; among the thousands featured on this site, you can still find some exceptions.

The William Higgins team categorizes each video session into one of fifteen different areas of focus. For instance: Session Stills and Backstage show behind-the-scenes footage during photoshoots and video sessions capturing guys masturbating or engaging in oral and anal sex acts. Erotic Solo and Helping Hand feature guys pleasuring themselves or receiving handjobs respectively; similarly Massage showcases scenes where guys receive body rubs accompanied by sexual services provided by another person’s hands. Soft Duos display blowjob action between two men while Full Contact depicts explicit oral sex as well as penetrative intercourse between partners. Wrestling showcases real fights consisting of multiple rounds where participants progressively strip down until they’re completely naked – usually concluding with mutual masturbation between opponents.

For those interested in group sex scenes involving four or five participants engaged in intense sucking and fucking, Wank Party is the designated section. Cherry Busting focuses on cute guys aged 18 to 22 engaging in their first homosexual encounters. Czech Up presents scenarios involving doctors and patients exploring sexual activities together. The Kink section offers a light version of BDSM, portraying men being tied up, spanked, and dominated before participating in oral or anal sex acts. Lastly, the Gonzo section features videos shot by the models themselves while having sex.

William Higgins caters to all the fantasies of gay porn enthusiasts with its vast array of content. The site boasts an impressive collection of 4,178 exclusive videos available for members to enjoy. At the time of writing this review (last day of July 2022), the website added 23 new updates this month alone and had previously included 20 updates last month as well. The newer videos are downloadable in MP4 format with resolutions reaching as high as an impressive 2560×1440 pixels for optimal viewing experience on large screens along with several smaller size options suitable for mobile devices. Additionally, older but still recent videos can be downloaded as WMVs or QuickTime files in two sizes: 960×540 and 1280×720 pixels respectively.

All videos can also be streamed directly on-site without requiring any downloads. I must commend the seamless experience I had while accessing this site from my tablet and phone; navigation was effortless.

Each video is accompanied by a set of pictures capturing various moments from that specific scene. Most images are digital stills with newer ones measuring around 800×1200 pixels at decent amateur quality; whereas some older images come in at approximately 533×800 pixels resolution. Picture sets range from small collections consisting of around twenty-six to under one hundred photos per set all the way up to larger galleries containing over four hundred images each – offering members a wide variety to explore visually. Online picture viewing options include a player equipped with forward/backward controls, and downloadable zip files are also available for convenient offline access. However, I must admit that my enthusiasm for William Higgins diminishes when it comes to the galleries due to the repetitiveness of certain poses. Unfortunately, slideshows are no longer available, and full galleries have been replaced by a slider showcasing only a few select images from each set. Consequently, it may be more convenient to download the entire collection as zip files and utilize the slideshow feature on your personal computer instead.

There is an additional section called Castings that features 2,873 exclusive videos which were not included in the overall count mentioned earlier; although some of them are listed among the main videos. These casting videos portray aspiring performers auditioning for roles at William Higgins – viewers get to witness their undressing while receiving instructions from photographers regarding certain actions or poses. While most individuals in these casting sessions do not make it into the main videos, occasionally a few lucky ones manage to secure a spot – this is what makes casting calls intriguing. The Castings section offers two new videos per week.

Before concluding this review, there are a couple more details worth mentioning. Firstly, during your first 30 days as a William Higgins member, you will encounter a daily download limit of 17 GBs. Although limitations can be frustrating at times; this particular one seems quite reasonable considering its generous capacity. After completing your initial month as a member though, you gain unlimited download privileges. It’s important to note that while the site claims “17 GBs equals 10 hours of our highest-resolution HD videos,” this statement does not apply to their highest quality 4K videos which consume approximately four or five hours’ worth of video content within those same limits (17GB). Nevertheless, even if you happen to exceed the download limit set by your membership package; rest assured that streaming these enticing films remains an alternative option without any restrictions imposed upon members.

Lastly, it must be mentioned that William Higgins unfortunately passed away in December 2019. His demise in Prague marked the end of a long and successful career in the porn industry. Higgins began filming his first scene back in 1974, and during his four-decade-long tenure, he estimatedly produced over 4,000 videos. However, despite the loss of this influential figure, his website continues to thrive.

Personally, I hold a deep appreciation for William Higgins’ site as it has become one of my personal favorites. The sheer abundance of content featuring attractive uncut men is overwhelming; one could easily lose themselves within an endless realm of horny individuals indulging in oral and penetrative sex acts alongside engaging in group sex scenes and kinky encounters. With over 4,178 exclusive videos at your disposal along with an additional 2,873 casting videos plus an impressive collection of 4,178 picture sets; members are guaranteed a constant flow of exciting new material to explore on a regular basis. The website consistently delivers high-quality content with at least five new videos made available each week along with two additional casting videos. Furthermore, I found the site’s functionality to be flawless across various devices including desktop computers, tablets as well and smartphones; while its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation – making it a dream come true for any member seeking a premium online experience within this genre. Even if you were to watch all these captivating films while indulging yourself three times daily; you would still require more than just one year to exhaustively consume everything this site has to offer. Admittedly not every model appealed to me personally; nevertheless given the vast selection available on offer here – there is no shortage of enticing individuals worthy of admiration for any viewer’s taste or preference.