Therapy Dick

Therapy Dick is a website that belongs to the Say Uncle network, along with other sites like Dad Creep, Doctor Tapes, and Bully Him. It explores the boundaries of sexuality by featuring therapists who help young patients in their twenties with their daddy issues or sexual problems by engaging in sexual acts on the therapy couch. While this theme is occasionally seen in adult videos, it’s interesting to have an entire site dedicated to it. Let’s take a closer look at what has been happening since our original review.

The therapists on Therapy Dick are portrayed by a group of well-known gay porn actors from the Say Uncle network. These mature men include Chris Damned, Myles Landon, Joel Someone, Jesse Zeppelin, Marco Napoli, Johnny Ford, and recently featured episodes also include Brody Kayman, a slim and bearded ginger. They are all attractive men in their thirties and forties with fit bodies and large penises. Some have body hair while others are smooth-skinned; a few even have tattoos. The patients on the site are also familiar faces – young guys in their twenties such as Dakota Lovell who has appeared in 184 movies within this network alone. Other performers include Trent Marx (blond jock), Jesse Stone (muscle boy), Shaw Reynolds (cutie), Jack Bailey (cutie), and Ashton Silvers (cutie). Most of them have clean-cut appearances except for Stone who sports some facial scruff.

All episodes on Therapy Dick feature hardcore bareback sessions that take place inside therapist offices – there are 11 duos and three recent updates involve threesomes. In one recent episode titled “Untrusting Boyfriends,” Nick Floyd and Emrys Angel portray a couple looking to spice up their sex life by having a threesome with their therapist after discussing it together during therapy sessions. Another episode titled “From Dreams to Reality” sees Dakota Lovell seeking help from therapist Chris Damned to address his pent-up sexual frustration. Damned offers to assist Lovell in exploring his sexual interests. In “The Perfect Roleplay,” Jack Bailey’s parents send him to a therapist because he has been acting out and struggling in college. Bailey describes his father as difficult, so therapist Johnny Ford helps him work through his issues by engaging in roleplay.

In each encounter, the therapists receive oral sex from their patients before focusing on their partners’ backsides – usually with the patients assuming the bottom position. Even during sex, the therapists maintain a clinical approach and communicate with their patients using professional language. For example, one therapist mentions that for this therapy to be effective, it is recommended that they both achieve orgasm together.

Therapy Dick currently offers 15 exclusive videos available in MP4 format. Downloads are offered in six different sizes including a super-sized 4K version at 3840×2160 resolution, as well as smaller options at 1280×720 and 1920×1080 resolutions. The videos have good-quality visuals and sound when downloaded or streamed through an adaptive player that adjusts based on your device’s screen size. On larger monitors, they play at a resolution of 1166×658 and still appear sharp on mobile devices. The streaming videos are available in five different speeds which improve picture quality; however, the 4K option cannot be streamed due to its large file size.

Each episode comes with a set of high-quality digital stills sized at 1620×1080 pixels with eight to twelve pictures per set. These can be saved individually or downloaded as complete sets within zip files. The picture viewer includes navigation controls for easy browsing but lacks an automatic slideshow feature. Unlike other sites within this network, Therapy Dick does not offer screencap galleries.

Let’s discuss updates now – Therapy Dick was launched in April 2022 with seven videos and has since added eight more over the past nine months. May saw the addition of two updates, while July had none. However, after that, they settled into a consistent pattern of one new episode per month. While more frequent updates would be preferable, members do gain access to additional extras.

By joining Therapy Dick as a standalone site, you also receive access to several bonus channels; although there seems to be some confusion regarding how many are included – we received conflicting answers. These additional channels are spread across the list of channels that require an upgrade for access. Alternatively, if you choose to join via the one-year SayUncle network membership or upgrade your membership later on, you will gain full access to all 54 channels containing a total of 2,738 videos. The network includes sites like Missionary Boys, Family Dick, and Young Perps which offer a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content.

There are a few important details worth mentioning. When logging in to Therapy Dick’s website, you will encounter a full-page advertisement; simply look for the green button labeled “Access Your Content” to proceed further. On the member’s homepage, series and content are abundantly available; however, most require an upgrade unless you initially joined through the network’s yearly membership plan – in which case you have options to either pay for an upgrade or explore what content remains accessible without upgrading. Banners promoting various upgrades can be found throughout the member’s area and may sometimes blend in with rows of video thumbnails showcasing recent updates.

There are certain claims made on Therapy Dick’s join page that should be clarified: Firstly “Includes 46+ SayUncle Series” and “New Movies Daily,” these statements hold only if you opt for either the year-long network membership priced at $349 or choose to perform a paid upgrade after joining initially via Therapy Dick alone. If you solely join Therapy Dick without any upgrades, you will only gain access to the six bonus channels. The claim of “New Movies Daily” is accurate for the entire network but not specifically for this site alone.

Overall, Therapy Dick presents an intriguing and titillating theme. The therapy sessions depicted are believable and certainly arouse curiosity – many individuals have likely fantasized about having sexual encounters with their therapists. I particularly appreciate how the clinical dialogue extends throughout the sexual acts, which helps maintain the authenticity of the theme. With 15 exclusive videos available for download, streaming, and mobile viewing, Therapy Dick offers a reasonable collection; however, its growth rate is relatively slow with only one new episode added each month. If you enjoy medical-themed content, I recommend checking out Doctor Tapes which explores doctors engaging in sexual activities with their patients. Additionally, if you’re considering a yearly membership plan, keep in mind that the Say Uncle network provides over 2,700 videos featuring nearly daily updates – making it well worth considering if you desire a larger variety of pornographic content.