For years, Staxus has been a popular European gay porn site that offers a wide selection of sexy European twinks and jocks. With over 2,500 videos and an equal number of picture galleries, the site has become a behemoth in the industry. Since our last visit was quite some time ago, there have been many changes and additions to the site, including new features and content.

The models featured on Staxus are mainly twinks, studs, and jocks from various countries across Europe. Czech guys are prominently featured alongside Brits, Russians, Slovaks, Spaniards, Germans, and even Latin studs like Colombians. These guys generally have slender bodies with smooth skin. Some have boyish looks while others exude a more muscular and athletic vibe commonly found in college locker rooms.

One notable addition to the site is that each model’s nationality is now indicated by flags on their profile pictures. Basic stats such as birth date, height, cock size ethnicity, or language spoken are also included on their profile pages. Additionally, the models’ roles (top, bottom, or versatile) along with links to their videos are provided. Some stats are shown only in metric measurements while others show both metric as well as American equivalents.

Recently, Staxus collaborated with American gay porn site Scout Boys for a cross-over series. This means that you can expect to find some models who differ from the usual twinks and jocks typically featured on Staxus. For instance, Scout Boys offers daddy-boy sex thereby featuring more mature American men like Adam Snow, Eddie Patrick, and Legrand Wolf.

While solo jerk-offs make up only a small portion of the Staxus collection nowadays, you can still find them primarily in older sections of the website. Instead, the focus is mainly on hardcore action such as duos. threesomes, Fourways, and even small groups. The oral sex scenes serve as mere preludes to the bareback fucking that these twinks and jocks engage in. In terms of location, scenes are shot everywhere from living rooms and bedrooms to gym locker rooms, gardens, army barracks, warehouses, and even moving trains.

Currently, Staxus offers an impressive collection of 2,435 exclusive videos in MP4 format. These videos are available for download and come in three different sizes: 1280×720, 1920×1080, and a 4K version. The quality of these videos ranges from good to very good. The oldest ones are only offered at 720×480 resolution with some being poorly lit. However, newer releases boast better-quality visuals. All the videos can also be streamed on a player that automatically resizes to fit your screen. There is also an option for full-screen viewing which works best with the latest videos. Both the site and its videos are mobile compatible with no issues encountered while watching them on a phone. It is worth noting that some of the oldest videos did not look as good as expected; however, this can be attributed to them being from a different era.

For those who enjoy photographs along with their video content, the episodes on Staxus also come with pictures. These digital stills have varying qualities depending on their age, but generally, the newest ones have very good quality sized at 1066×1600. Older pictures display around 683×1024 resolution with decent amateur quality while random sizes can be found among the oldest ones. Members can view these pictures in galleries. Although there is a slideshow option, it did not work properly during our testing. Nonetheless, you have the option to save individual pictures or download them as zip files. Unfortunately, some galleries do not offer this zip file download feature.

Staxus has implemented a model section where you can easily find your favorite performers along with their videography and profiles. The Video and Models listing pages include an extensive list of tags on the right side. These tags cover a wide range of sexual activities including ball sucking, and double penetration, as well as specific traits like blond hair, firemen, and footballers among others. This makes it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. However, the 4K tag does not provide a complete listing of all the 4K videos available.

There are also bonus videos available under the Extras section. These consist of behind-the-scenes footage, remastered classics, and interviews. Although new videos are not added frequently, the bonus section still offers around 200 videos at present. The membership also grants you access to Staxus Vintage which includes over 1,000 older videos from the Staxus catalog. The quality of these vintage videos may not be top-notch but they still offer an enjoyable viewing experience, especially on smaller screens. To access Staxus Vintage, you will need to log into the site using your Staxus credentials.

As for updates, Staxus typically releases around three new videos per week. This translates to an average of thirteen updates in September, twelve in August, and fourteen in July. However, it should be noted that there were only five updates in June and four in May. As I am reviewing this site, in October there have already been four updates within the first eleven days. It appears that three new videos per week are becoming the norm. Most of these new releases are brand new content, but some remastered older scenes can also be found. Out of the newest forty videos, seven appear to be remastered while the rest seem to be entirely new scenes.

While Staxus now offers downloads for its content, there are certain limits imposed depending on your membership type. An annual membership allows unlimited downloads whereas monthly and quarterly memberships limit you to fifty downloads per month. There is a notification pop-up upon entering the website; opting to receive notifications may result in others who share your computer seeing them. There is also a pop-over encouraging you to sign up for the mailing list, but it can be easily closed. The Scene Shop and Chat links found in the menu bar redirect you to external websites.

It is worth noting that not every video on Staxus is offered in 4K Ultra HD despite the presence of a graphic indicating so near the site’s logo on the tour page. Additionally, some of the sign-up pages for certain membership options (monthly and yearly) still mention access to,it should be clarified that this site has been rebranded as StaxusVintage and all memberships do include access to it as confirmed on Staxus’ join page.

In conclusion, Staxus offers a diverse selection of hot twinks, jocks, and Euro boys engaging in various sexual activities such as blowjobs, barebacking, and kinkier play. The site features over 2,435 videos showcasing more than 680 sexy European performers with some exclusive to Staxus. Members have multiple options for viewing content including downloads, streaming, and mobile access. Although there are certain limitations imposed on downloads, the good news is that new content is consistently added with an average of three videos per week. Additionally, the bonus section provides over two hundred extra videos including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Staxus is a must-visit destination for fans of European twinks, uncut cocks, and hardcore sex.