RandyBlue has been one of my favorite sites for years, so I was thrilled when it relaunched in 2022. Originally launched in 2003, this site brought us a variety of attractive jocks, muscle hunks, and fit guys engaging in both solo and hardcore action. After twelve years of production, the site closed down but made a comeback after seven years with brand-new content. This exciting relaunch has been going on for eight months now, so let’s take a look at what has been happening since.

Randy Blue features incredibly attractive jocks and muscled studs with athletic or ripped physiques, many of whom have bulging muscles. Some models have facial hair while others are clean-shaven. There are guys with hairy bodies as well as smooth ones, and some even have tattoos. The age range varies from twenties to thirties. While the majority of models are Caucasian, there is also a handful of Black men and Latin studs. Randy Blue is known for launching the careers of many renowned performers such as Reese Rideout, Diego Sans, Roman Todd, Kurtis Wolfe, Justin Owen, Jarec Wentworth, and many more.

The main focus on Randy Blue is the duos engaging in sucking and fucking action. The scenes often include passionate kissing and rimming as well. There are around 90 threesomes and even some four-ways available on the site. While the site had started filming bareback sex before it closed down previously, the newer scenes continue to feature raw action alongside condom usage. The guys finish off by cumming on each other’s bellies, chests, faces, and asses. One must-watch scene is “Big Dicked Malachi Marx Barebacks Big Dicked Preston Cole,” where Malachi not only displays his massive member but also makes Preston blow his load all over his face – he even tastes some himself! While there used to be numerous solo jack-off videos on the site, their production decreased towards the end.

The site has an extensive tagging system to help users find specific kinds of activities and physical qualities they are interested in. There are tags for various activities like Deep Throating, Face Fucking, Cum-Shot to the Ass, and Cum Eating. There are also tags for physical qualities such as Bald, Facial Hair, Tattoo, Beefy, and Uncut. However, some inconsistencies can be found in the tagging system where certain models with tattoos do not have the Tattoo tag assigned to them. Additionally, the presence of multiple Bareback Video tags instead of a single unified tag for Bareback is another issue. Nevertheless, the site’s effort to help users find desired content is commendable.

Randy Blue offers 1,453 exclusive videos in MP4 format. The newest downloads come in three sizes ranging from 640×360 to 1920×1080, and they boast excellent quality. The videos filmed before 2015 are available in four sizes from 700×394 to 1280×720, and they still maintain good quality. The oldest videos have two versions both sized at 640×480. They possess decent quality considering their production date back to 2003. Streaming is possible through an adaptive player that can display up to a size of 1540×728 if you have a large monitor. Older movies might appear stretched and lose some quality due to stretching, but downloading them would be a better option. On mobile devices such as Android phones and tablets, the videos play well even on older ones without significant quality issues.

There are also 1,159 photo sets available on Randy Blue. Although there isn’t one set for each video, set sizes range from seven pictures up to over eighty per set. The digital stills come in good-quality resolution sized at 768×1024. The newer galleries include screencaps which offer better-quality images at 1600×1068. Saving pictures individually is possible; however, there is no option to download entire sets as zip files. The photo viewer includes useful forward and back controls as well as a hands-free slideshow feature.

In terms of updates, Randy Blue has added 17 videos in the past eight months. All of these appear to be new videos, except two that are shared with another site. Unfortunately, there was a break in updates from March 23, 2023, to July 20, 2023. However, since then, the site has added five additional videos. The recent updates are exciting, but the long gap between March and July after several years without updates raises concerns.

There are a few downsides worth noting. The non-recurring month membership costs $15 more than the recurring version. By joining, the site gains permission to send you emails including advertisements. Additionally, on the join page, a pre-checked offer signs you up for a free membership on a live chat site which may also send you emails. While all recent models have an informative paragraph on their pages, every one of them is listed as exactly 6 feet tall. There are no bonus features available, and although there is a Live Cams link and RandyBlue Cams section on every page, these lead to third-party cam sites that require additional payment. The RB CAMS links on the tour also direct users to this external cam site.

While these issues may not be major concerns, it’s worth mentioning two more things. First, two of the latest videos -the “Boys Will Be Boys” scenes-are shared with Cocky Boys so they aren’t exclusive like other content here. Also, the so-called sale prices have remained unchanged since last December, and there has been an increase in monthly subscription fees.

Overall, I was thrilled when Randy Blue relaunched in 2022; it had always been one of my favorite sites. From its inception in 2003 until now (August 2023), the site continues to provide us with attractive, well-built men ranging from athletic to muscular. The new videos are all hardcore and bareback, while the older ones include some enticing solo scenes. With over 1,453 videos available for download, streaming, and mobile viewing, and nearly all of them exclusive, the site offers an extensive collection of well-shot sexual encounters and solos. Although there was a break in updates from March to July of 2023, five new videos have been added in the past month. Randy Blue offers a wide range of men engaging in various activities, making it easy to recommend a visit to explore what this site has to offer.