Raging Stallion Studios

Raging Stallion Studios, founded by Chris Ward and JD Slater in 1999, is a prominent name in the adult entertainment industry. In addition to DVD production, the studio operated seven individual sites (Hairy Boyz, Rear Stable, Hard Friction, Sex Gaymes, Monster Bang, High Octane, and Xtra Inches) that were eventually merged into one comprehensive platform known as Raging Stallion. Through strategic acquisitions of Falcon Studios and Hot House by their parent company, Falcon Studios Group was formed. While Falcon Studios and Hot House merged into a single membership site, Raging Stallion remains distinct but incorporates some content updates from the other studios.

Raging Stallion showcases attractive and well-built hunks and muscle bears with toned bodies. They often sport facial hair and are generally hairy. Many performers feature impressive endowments. The studio consistently introduces new faces like Beau Butler, Cole Connor, Alpha Wolfe, and Max Lorde while also working with established stars such as Jake Nicola, Chris Damned, Felix Fox, Killian Knox, Max Konnor, Isaac X, and Romeo Davis.

The age range of these porn actors varies from their twenties to their forties. They possess athletic to highly muscular physiques.

In the past, Raging Stallion gained fame for its themed movies featuring leather men, cowboys, Aarab sheiks, and military personnel engaging in sex acts in exotic locations such as warehouses, dude ranches, and boot camps. However, the focus has shifted more indoors with changing backgrounds or filming taking place at homes or hotels. There are still occasional outdoor scenes filmed on location, such as “The Territory,” which features outdoor sex in wilderness settings, “Get a Room Too” filmed at a Palm Springs clothing-optional resort, and “Show Hard” showcasing action in truck stop toilets.

Expect an abundance of passionate man-on-man encounters involving kissing, sucking, ramming, and various forms of fucking. These scenes come in duo, threesome, and small group configurations. The site occasionally releases solo jack-off videos, though they are less common. While Raging Stallion initially resisted the bareback trend in the industry, they eventually embraced it with their first raw fuck video released in early 2018. Since then, they have continued to produce both condom and bareback scenes. Models always have the choice of using condoms or not, but most recent content tends to be condomless.
RagingStallion is also known for its fetish, kink, and fisting scenes. However, to access that content, you’ll need to visit their separate site called Fisting Inferno.

The members area offers a vast collection of videos totaling 2,782. All these videos are produced by Raging Stallion Studios except for a number sourced from other studios affiliated with Falcon Studios Group. Videos can be downloaded in multiple sizes including 4K (3840×2160) as well as various other resolutions. Newer releases boast excellent quality. Archived videos from earlier periods may have limited size options, but still maintain a decent viewing experience. Streaming is available at 880×498 resolution on desktops and adjusts accordingly for mobile devices. Resolutions are automatically adjusted based on your setup. Newer videos look great when viewed in full-screen mode; however, the older ones might not hold up as well visually.

The Raging Stallion network includes content from Raging Stallion Studios,
Model Behaviour, Falcon Studios, Hot House, Hairy Boyz, Monster Bang, Hard Friction, and High Octane. You can find all these channels listed under the “Channels” option on the sidebar. To customize your viewing experience, you have the option to deselect certain studios from appearing in your video listing. This allows you to focus solely on Raging Stallion or any other studio of interest.

As for photos, there are currently 854 galleries within this section. Previously, the site contained 4,236 picture sets, but there has been a reduction in the number of galleries available. It seems that the Photos section now primarily features galleries from Raging Stallion, although occasional Falcon Studios galleries may still be found. Images are digital stills sized at 1280×1920. Though all photos display good studio quality, the older ones may lack sharpness and clarity.Previously available smaller picture sizes have been phased out and replaced with only large-size pictures. As a result, a significant number of galleries were removed from this section. Some older galleries feature only one or two photos, while most offer around 20 or more. You have the option to view them as individual galleries with forward and back controls, but there are no slideshow features. Photos can be downloaded either individually or in zip files.

Most video episodes include accompanying photo sets. There may be some exceptions, so it’s important to note that not every video necessarily has a corresponding gallery. Out of convenience, I will assume that all videos have photo sets. However, it’s possible to encounter missing galleries. The 854 galleries found under “Photos” also appear alongside each video episode. As a result, the total number of picture sets is estimated at 2,782. This represents a decrease compared to previous counts, indicating significant removals.

The site updates three times per week. One update originates from Raging Stallion itself. On average, there is one weekly update each from Falcon Studios and Hot House or Naked Sword Originals. Previously, Raging Stallion would occasionally add videos from partner sites like Kristen Bjorn or Men at Play, but this practice appears to have ceased. While updates do feature content from Falcon Studios and Hot House, members do not receive access to their complete inventories. Nevertheless, a considerable number of videos—621 from Falcon Studios and 149 from Hot House —are featured on the site.

There are some issues worth mentioning. For instance, on the billing page, a pre-checked offer appears on the right-hand side. This offer enrolls you in an additional site membership if left unchecked. During the sign-up process, members are automatically subscribed to receive commercial emails with no option to opt-out at that time. Additionally, upon logging in, you will encounter a full-page ad. To access the member’s area, simply click “No thanks, continue to Member Area” located at the top of the page. If you attempt to return using your browser’s back button from the billing page, a pop-up window will appear. Members must cancel their subscription at least 48 hours before their next rebill date; failure to do so may result in an additional charge after cancellation.

Previously, Raging Stallion was accessible on Roku; however, in March 2022, Roku banned porn channels. As a result, Roku users can no longer enjoy Raging Stallion content on that device.

Regarding pricing and membership options, the trial membership is unlimited but limited to streaming only. Downloads are not included with this option. All other memberships include both streaming and download privileges. The monthly membership is offered at a 50% discount for the first month but reverts back to regular rates thereafter.

Lastly, it’s worth noting a notification pop-up that appears while browsing the tour. This pop-up offers an option to “Show notifications,” with choices of either allowing or blocking them. Before enabling these notifications—which provide updates, sale prices, and information about new sites or promotions—you should be aware that they may appear intermittently or frequently. If you share your computer with family members or co-workers, it might be preferable to block these notifications.

In summary, Raging Stallion delivers high-quality gay porn productions. The studio has captivated audiences through its grand-scale movies spanning multiple DVDs. Past videos showcased hunks engaging in passionate acts throughout various exotic locations such as Arabian tents, deserts, boot camps, barracks, dude ranches, jungles, and more. Contemporary releases continue this tradition by featuring muscular—some impressively so—and masculine porn stars engaging in sizzling scenes, including an abundance of outdoor encounters, ranch cabin escapades, and on-set performances. Raging Stallion’s commitment to working with top-tier performers who possess exceptional physiques and impressive endowments is evident throughout its extensive collection. Videos are available for downloading and streaming on both desktop and mobile devices. The member’s area receives regular updates, with three new videos added each week to complement the already substantial collection of 2,782 videos. Raging Stallion consistently delivers a rich array of high-quality gay porn content.