Pride Studios

Pride Studios provides access to a total of nine sites, each with its unique content. One of their popular sites, Extra Big Dicks, was established in 2005 and now boasts over 1,300 videos. Originally focused on well-endowed guys engaging in solo sessions, the site has since evolved to include full-on sex scenes featuring bottoms servicing huge cocks. The site updates regularly with a mix of porn stars and newcomers.

Another site within the network is Men Over 30, which also launched in 2005. This site caters to men in their thirties and forties engaging in various sexual activities. With over 1,300 videos available, Men Over 30 offers a mix of amateurs and established performers. Similar to Extra Big Dicks, this site updates once or twice a month.

Family Creep is the newest addition to the network and focuses on fauxcest themes. The performers engage in role-playing scenarios as step-family members involved in sexual encounters. Bearback is another recent addition that features hairy men and bears engaging in raw fucking action.

While some sites within the network no longer update their content regularly, they still offer a range of videos for viewers to enjoy. Circle Jerk Boys was the first site opened by Pride Studios but eventually shifted away from masturbation scenes towards hardcore sex scenes.

In terms of video quality, Pride Studios offers various formats including high-quality options such as 4K resolution for newer downloads. Streaming options are also available with adaptive players that adjust according to screen size.

Additionally, Pride Studios provides members with access to thousands of picture sets ranging from decent to very good quality images which can be downloaded individually or as zip files.

The network continues to update twice a week with new scenes from select sites such as Extra Big Dicks and Men Over 30 along with bonus content from Adult Time.

As for bonuses offered by Pride Studios, there are additional videos from partner sites, Adult Time productions, and a compilation channel.

It is worth noting that there have been changes to the platform recently, resulting in increased video counts for certain sites due to the exclusion of behind-the-scenes interview reels. This may confuse as these videos are not distinguishable from actual sex scenes.

While there are a few minor issues with the website, such as pre-checked offers and occasional pop-ups, they can be easily managed or avoided. Additionally, users should be aware of optional browser notifications and their potential visibility to others using their devices.

Overall, Pride Studios provides a diverse range of performers and content catering to various preferences. With over 5,000 videos available for download or streaming on multiple devices, regular updates ensure viewers have new exclusive content to enjoy each week.