Family Dick

Family Dick is a website that caters to the fauxcest niche, featuring porn stars portraying stepsons engaging in sexual activities with their stepfathers. While there is a focus on older men and younger individuals, the site has also started incorporating stepbrother action and threesomes into its content. It has been over two years since our last review, so let’s see what they have been up to.

It’s important to note that none of the performers are actually related, and these scenarios are purely for fantasy purposes. However, this does not take away from the excitement and explicit nature of the scenes. Many of the actors featured on Family Dick have appeared on other adult websites as well. Well-known performers such as Jax Thirio, Matthew Figata, Myles Landon, Chris Damned, and Dale Savage are regulars on the site. Additionally, new faces are constantly being introduced to keep things fresh for members.

The “stepsons” portrayed in these videos typically fall within the age range of 18-24 and exhibit clean-shaven and mostly smooth appearances. Some individuals possess boyish features while others have more athletic or muscular physiques. Examples include Dakota Lovell who has appeared in numerous videos within Say Uncle network along with Shae Reynolds, Zayne Bright, and Gabe Bradshaw. On the other hand, stepdads and older men vary in terms of looks – ranging from handsome individuals in good shape to beefy muscle bears – typically falling within their late twenties through early forties.

The content explores scenarios that blur relationship boundaries and push limits by depicting stepdads engaging in sexual activities with their stepsons or encouraging them to participate in explicit acts for personal gain at work or elsewhere. One scene titled “Dakota’s Bedtime Urges” showcases Brody Kayman discovering a wet spot on his stepson’s bed which leads them into an intimate encounter filled with desire and exploration. Regardless of the scenario, the videos are filmed with attention to detail, creating a buildup of sexual tension before the explicit action takes place.

The scenes primarily consist of passionate kissing, oral sex, rimming, and raw penetrative intercourse. The actors involved pleasure each other until they reach climax and ejaculate on one another. Furthermore, Family Dick has recently introduced a significant amount of threesome content. These threesomes involve stepbrothers taking care of their stepdad’s needs or stepdads engaging in sexual acts with their friends and stepsons. Out of the latest 30 releases, 14 have been threesomes and there was even one foursome.

As for video quality, Family Dick currently offers 287 exclusive videos in MP4 format that are available for download. The videos exhibit high-quality production values with multiple camera angles, good lighting, and clear sound. Members can choose from six different sizes ranging from 640×360 to 1920×1080 for downloading purposes. Additionally, there is now a 4K version available at a resolution of 3840×2160 which provides an immersive viewing experience. Streaming options are also provided through an adaptive player that adjusts to fit different screen sizes.

Each episode typically comes with a set of pictures accompanying it which are offered in good quality digital stills format. Newer sets feature images sized at 1620×1080 while older sets vary around 900×506 pixels in size; however, some older episodes don’t have picture sets available at all. Users can browse through thumbnail galleries and view larger images using player controls for navigation purposes.

In terms of updates, Family Dick consistently adds new content by releasing one video per week – increasing their total library from 166 to the current count of 287 videos over time – even during challenging times such as the pandemic when only one or two updates were missed.

Membership includes two bonus series from the Say Uncle network: Say Uncle Labs which provides 39 movies exploring new and exciting scenes, and Say Uncle Extras offering one video sourced from Cocky Boys. The remaining 48 series require an upgrade or the purchase of the one-year Say Uncle option on the join page, but this option comes at a significantly higher cost of $349. It is recommended to bypass this unless specifically desired, as once inside Family Dick, there is an opportunity to upgrade to a more reasonably priced monthly pass for Say Uncle.

There are a few drawbacks worth mentioning. On the billing page, there’s a pre-selected offer in a dropdown menu near the top that may be easily missed if not interested. Simply click on the dropdown and select “No thanks…” if you wish to decline. The one-day trial membership sounds appealing; however, it is unclear if it provides limited access based on site terms. These terms state that memberships must be canceled “at least one day prior to the renewal date of trial,” which implies that immediate cancellation might be necessary even with only one day of access.

Upon logging in, users will be greeted with a full-page advertisement but can scroll down until they find the “Access Your Content” link leading them directly to Family Dick content. It’s important to note that while other videos from the network will appear on display within the network homepage, they cannot be accessed without upgrading.

Speaking of upgrades, members may encounter attempts at upselling them for network membership throughout various sections within their account area. Additional thumbnails for other sites will also appear between video listings on the homepage along with advertising banners at times; however, these can all be easily ignored once familiarized with navigating through site content.

The members’ area employs never-ending scrolling functionality which some users may find cumbersome; however, videos can still be sorted by age allowing older ones to appear first and reducing the excessive scrolling required for medium-aged videos.

Family Dick explores taboo family relationships involving stepdads and stepsons, as well as stepfathers introducing their friends to their stepsons. This edgy niche is presented with high-quality productions that pay attention to details such as multiple camera angles and well-written dialogue, making the sex scenes engaging and enjoyable. With a collection of 287 videos available for download, streaming, and mobile viewing, the site continues to update every Saturday. If you have an interest in the father-stepson or fauxcest niches, Family Dick is worth exploring for its provocative and horny content.