Cutler’s Den

Cutler’s Den, produced by gay porn star Cutler X, showcases his impressive career in the adult industry. Known for his awe-inspiring 11-inch black cock, Cutler X has filmed over 100 videos with various websites and frequently collaborates with the same platforms. His website has grown significantly since our last review three years ago, offering a wide range of content that keeps him both busy performing and working behind the scenes.

At 46 years old, standing at 5’11”, and possessing a hard, muscled body, Cutler X is in excellent shape. With his bald head and beard complementing his striking appearance, he exclusively tops and is recognized for his monumental endowment. Since around 2014 or earlier – as indicated by the launch of his Twitter account in 2012 and DVD appearances starting in 2014 – Cutler X has made a notable impact on the industry. While not appearing in every video on his site, he has engaged in anal intercourse in an impressive number of them.

Cutler’s preferences lean towards rugged and muscled men as he engages with several well-known stars from the gay porn industry such as Romeo Davis, Brock Banks, Justin Jett, and Teddy Bryce; along with Brian Bonds, Sean Harding, and Riley Mitchel among others. In addition to working with bottoms who are white males predominantly, Cutler also explores interracial encounters featuring men of color like Derek Cline, River Wilson, Micah Martinez, and Colombian bottom Santi Konnor. There are also notable appearances by bearded black muscle hunk King Bryce and Roxas Caelum possessing a monstrous twelve-inch phallus. Latin bodybuilder Miguel Rey makes regular appearances too.

The videos on CutlersDen lack storylines but instead focus on getting right into action. The scenes primarily involve bareback sex between two individuals or occasionally feature threesomes. The tops each have their unique style, with some engaging in dirty talk, others preferring intense pounding, and some showcasing a more sensual approach. The variety extends to the endings as well – while some tops enjoy giving creampies and breeding their bottoms’ holes, others prefer covering their partners’ faces with cum. Notably, there are 37 double-penetration threesomes and several scenes involving fisting. Cutler X manages to find bottoms capable of deep-throating his massive cock, which adds an exciting element to the videos. Approximately half of the videos showcase interracial encounters, but there is also a significant number of Black-on-Black scenes. Additionally, Female-to-Male transgender individuals feature in around a dozen videos where they engage in sexual activities with well-endowed men.

Cutler’s Den boasts an impressive collection of 265 exclusive MP4 format videos available for download. These videos come in three different sizes ranging from 854×480 to 1920×1080 pixels. Filmed with excellent lighting and sound quality, the overall video presentation is commendable. Additionally, you can stream the content on an adaptive player that automatically adjusts to fit your screen size. Full-screen viewing does not compromise the visual quality, and streaming is smooth due to the site’s utilization of full-streaming servers. The videos played seamlessly on my Android phone; although navigation through mobile sites can be limited (only moving forward one page at a time), each page typically contains 16 videos.

Each episode includes accompanying picture sets consisting primarily of screencaps sized at either 3840×2160 or 1920×1080 pixels. These screencaps maintain average quality, some appearing slightly fuzzy. Generally, two galleries accompany each episode: one featuring digital stills (ranging from eight to ten images) sized at 1600×900 pixels, and another set of screencaps. With hands-free slideshows available, you can easily view the pictures within thumbnail galleries. Saving pictures individually is possible, and newer screencap galleries offer downloadable zip files. Although digital still galleries have zip file links, they redirect to the corresponding screencap zips.

In terms of updates, Cutler’s Den has made significant progress since our previous review, adding 177 new videos in the span of three years. The site consistently releases a new scene every Thursday.

While there are few complaints to be had here, it is worth noting that there is a pre-checked offer on the sign-up page; however, it can easily be deselected if not interested. The membership options include both streaming-only and download access options, so ensure you choose accordingly. Another point to mention is the VOD link on the tour page that allows for individual movie purchases; though prices range from $6.99 to $10.99 per purchase, opting for a membership may prove more cost-effective. Lastly, in our previous review, we commented on incomplete model profiles, but this issue seems resolved as all checked profiles now feature comprehensive statistics.

Cutler’s Den continues to impress with its extensive collection of 265 exclusive videos. Cutler X takes part in 111 of these videos while other performers contribute their talents as well. There is a diverse selection of bottoms mainly consisting of white males but featuring men of color too. The tops are known for their well-endowed physiques with some boasting impressive lengths, such as one performer who possesses a twelve-inch member. The videos are well-filmed and seamlessly presented through an adaptive player ensuring compatibility across various screen sizes. Three downloadable size options cater to individual preferences. Watching Cutler X in action proves highly enjoyable due to his magnetic presence, his talented top, and his generously endowed penis. I am delighted that his site continues growing and introducing exciting new talent into its lineup.