Colby Knox

Colby Knox, launched in 2014 by real-life couple Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, is a site that offers a variety of content featuring sexy amateurs, newcomers, and hot porn stars in intimate at-home settings. Since our last review two years ago, the site has added its 500th scene. Let’s take a closer look at what this couple has been up to.

Colby Chambers is a 30-year-old brunette with a lean and fit body obtained through gym workouts. He possesses dark and natural pubic hair and is well-endowed. Mickey Knox, on the other hand, is 31 years old with glasses often seen in his videos; however, he now prefers wearing contacts more frequently. Like Colby, he also maintains a gym-fit physique and has an average-sized penis. His profile declares his intense love for Colby. It’s worth noting that both guys have become versatile performers over time as Colby used to mainly top while Mickey preferred bottoming.

The rest of the models featured on ColbyKnox consist of both newcomers in their twenties as well as recognizable porn performers such as Calvin Banks, Taylor Reign, long-haired twink Jack Valor, Troy Jacobs Drew Dixon Tyler Tanner Levi Hatter Kylan Kiddo who are all known for their athletic bodies and well-endowed members. Some models have smooth skin while others sport facial scruff or full beards; there are also variations when it comes to body hair with some being smooth while others are hairy or heavily tattooed. The majority of performers are Caucasian but they have had five Black models along with several Latin studs appear in multiple scenes.

The scenes on ColbyKnox include duos, threeways (occasionally foursomes), with the occasional solo performance thrown into the mix. Typically when a new model joins the site they first do a video either with Colby or Mickey before being paired up with the other. Many of them also return for threeways with the couple, although it’s not a requirement. Additionally, Colby Knox regularly films live webcam shows which usually involve threeways or fourgies (four-person scenes). While Colby and Mickey don’t exclusively have sex as a couple anymore, there are still occasions such as their recent trip to Bangkok or special events like Christmas and birthdays where they engage in passionate encounters. Notably, most of their scenes together involve barebacking since the site transitioned to condomless sex in May 2018; however, models always have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding condom use.

Filming for ColbyKnox takes place primarily in various locations around their home including the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and home gym. They have also shot outdoor scenes by the pool or on their property as well as hotel scenes while on vacation. The content is diverse with plenty of kissing, passion, sucking, rimming, and of course intercourse. Occasionally they explore other erotic activities such as spanking, foot play, and softcore bondage. They even venture into fun scenarios like their Batman and Robin series where Robin is captured by two goons from Gotham City before later being taken advantage of by Batman himself. On Halloween they released a plot-driven video called “The Interview” starring Chambers as an 80s porn producer interviewing blond boy Caleb Kent for a role in his next movie; Mickey joins in on the action too resulting in an exciting change from their usual style.

Colby Knox offers members access to 500 videos available for download in MP4 format with new additions every week. The newer videos are available at resolutions up to 1920x1080p providing good to very good amateur quality; there are also smaller sizes at 1280x720p and 854x480p. The older videos generally maintain a resolution around 1080x608p but I did come across one that was 1920x1080p, suggesting the possibility of other sizes. The overall quality is satisfactory for amateur content; however, a few videos suffered from lighting issues and the older scenes were slightly less crisp compared to the newer ones. Streaming videos played smoothly in an adaptive player up to 1260×710 on a 27-inch monitor with options for different playback speeds depending on the age of the scene. The videos also enlarge well when viewed in full-screen mode, even the older ones only losing minimal quality. The site is mobile-friendly as I experienced no difficulties watching videos on my Android phone.

The most recent 275 updates are accompanied by picture sets ranging in size from 1000×667 to 1500×1000 with larger sizes for newer content. Though they appear to be screencaps, they are of good quality and as sharp and clear as their video counterparts. Each model featured on ColbyKnox has their own gallery of pictures which seem to be a mixture of screencaps and digital stills. These glamour sets effectively showcase each model’s body and genitalia; they vary in size and can be downloaded individually or as zip files. The viewer lacks an automatic slideshow feature but does provide forward/back controls.

Each model has an informative profile page including stats, likes/dislikes, picture galleries, an overview of their appearances in videos, and usually includes their Twitter address. Members also have the option to tip models if desired. Unfortunately, it seems that messaging models directly is no longer available.

There are a few drawbacks worth mentioning regarding ColbyKnox. Firstly, there is a daily download limit of 2.5 GB which can limit your ability to save HD videos since some files can exceed one gigabyte each; it would be preferable if this limit were higher. The site also restricts the use of automatic downloaders or accelerators. Additionally,
upon creating an account you will automatically be added to the site’s email list and receive commercial emails; if you wish to opt-out, you will need to contact the site separately. Although updates are not dated, they have released 106 videos in the past 24 months which equates to approximately four new videos each month.

In conclusion, Colby Knox is an enjoyable site that offers a unique glimpse into the real-life sex life of couple Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox as they engage with both newcomers and familiar faces from the porn industry. They have successfully created a distinctive platform with plenty of personality. The guys are attractive and passionate while delivering steamy and entertaining performances in duos, threeways, and foursomes. The site now boasts an impressive collection of 500 exclusive videos available for download or streaming on various devices with new content added every week. It’s clear that Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox genuinely enjoy what they do, resulting in an authentic viewing experience.