Cade Jaxon & Greg Riley |

We find Cade Jaxon and Greg Riley kissing on the bed. Greg likes to be a little flirtatious with his makeout style, pulling back and smiling before diving in for a kiss. Cade lays back on the bed and presents his cock for Greg to get acquainted with. Greg happily obliges and is deep-throating in no time. Cade peels away his briefs as the two make out some more before Greg returns to the task at hand. Greg lays back as Cade returns the favor, immediately taking all of Greg’s dick into his mouth as Greg’s eyes roll into the back of his head. Cade gets on all-fours and Greg helps himself to a buffet of Cade’s hole. Greg tongue-fucks Cade’s ass as Cade moans and watches. Satisfied that Cade’s hole is sufficiently lubricated, Greg rises to his knees and slides his dick deep into Cade’s ass. Greg is up to speed in no time, plunging deeper and deeper into Cade’s hole with each thrust. Cade rotates onto his back and Greg slides right back in as Cade plays with his own cock. As Greg approaches climax, he pulls out and fires off a load all over Cade’s cock, balls, and stomach. Cade tastes a couple drops of Greg’s cum before Greg slides back in and falls forward for a kiss.


Cade Jaxon & Greg Riley |

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Cade Jaxon, Greg Riley

Bareback, Blowjob, Rimjob, Tattoo, VIP

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Date: April 8, 2022

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